Friday, September 29, 2023

Post trip maintenance - Rough River 2023

The SDS fuel values were tweaked from 225 to 210 for the RPM ranges 2100-up since I was having to run the mixture knob quite a bit towards the lean side in cruise.  

The oil has about 30 hours on it, coming up on 100 hour tach time so will change the oil before upcoming trips (one to Alabama and more to Nebraska).  K&N1002 oil filters were ordered and should be here tomorrow.  I'll check the prop bolt torque too.  Currently running 35 lbs since the threads are waxed.

An AN386-2-9A taper pin was installed on the copilot right side pedal.  It's probably the largest sized pin you'd want to install.  The pilot side left pedal now had the most  play so replaced it next.  ACS only had three in stock locally so that's what I got.  

The camlocks holding the cowls on occasionally have the pins work loose and can be a bear to get out.   I put red Loctite on the pins to see if that helps secure the pins from sliding to the side.

I found more streaks of "bird juice" on the bottom of the strakes and cowl.

Nate Mullens posted he's accepting orders for Cozy MK IV nose gear made out of billet so I ordered two.  They include the NG15's.  

A neighbor stopped by that is into photography and asked if I'd be interested in formation flying with them.  I think he said an RV6, Christen Eagle and a Cessna 180.   I advised him I'd had a class with a couple of hours of instruction but was not carded yet.  I'd read that flying with dissimilar aircraft presents issues that need to be considered.  Site pictures, speed, visibility will vary.