Sunday, December 4, 2022

Update 12-4-2022

Added 27 .lbs ballast to the front seat along with 51 .lbs in the front nose and 33 .lbs in the aft nose section to simulate a 220 .lb copilot.   Flew to XBP, added 15 gallons of fuel for a total of 32.8 gallons on board.  Departure weight = 1641.8 .lbs, CG 99.3 inches.  Need to add 100 .lbs total weight (1746)  keeping that CG for a more accurate simulation.

Leaving XBP, had 32.8 Gallons for a total weight of 1637.6   EFIS data GPS and vertical speed show about 1200' take off distance.  There was light wind down the runway, possibly 0-9 knots.

Increased Autopilot Pitch Sensitivity (High and Low speed) from 19 to 39.   Pitch isn't lagging the FD as much now.  Will test more when there's a higher ceiling.

Arriving T67, a student in a C150 was ahead of me in the pattern.  I managed to drag around the pattern at about 80-85 knots at about 1200-1300 RPM burning 2.5-3.5 gallons an hour.  I was having so much fun, I came in a little high and then did a go around and followed the student one more time.