Monday, June 27, 2022

06/27/22 Flight testing squawk update

I ordered Vans axle nuts (for wheel pant installation) and a new Cablecraft throttle cable since the one I got from Pegasus seemed to have detents/wasn't smooth. 

Near the #2 exhaust, the red baffling material wasn't laying down good.  I marked it with a sharpie, then cut a slit in it.  There was a gap near the #3 exhaust that was addressed.  There's a small gap near the starter that needs attention as well.

The form for the NACA diffuser is brought out of retirement to either make a repair or a few new diffusers and cooling ramps.  It was made with soft styrofoam and box tape, a little wavy.   I pulled the tape off, used sheet rock mud and smoothed it up.

The diffuser should have had a stronger rip across the top.  There's a notch cut for the throttle cable to clear the aft edge of the diffuser.

The top edge of the diffuser was getting pulled downward by the force of the inlet air.