Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Mixed 40 .oz of primer and shot the bottom.  

The inside of the carbon fiber oil door with one shot of primer.  Some pinholes are visible.  Will try another shot and see what it looks like.

Yeah...that's rain water.   It started misting rain when I was spraying.  Got inside as quick as I could and blew the water off with a leaf blower.  Contacted SPI support and they said just to let it dry and finishing spraying later.

The dry (didn't get rained on) side of the leg fairing after 2nd coat.

The mist caused a major orange peel effect, but seems to be "melting" as it dries.

Close up of the Zolatone with 3 layers of water based Polyurethane.  Looks kind of orange due to incandescent shop lights on it for heat/drying.