Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Vance visit 02/19/2020

Vance Atkinson (EAA Technical Adviser) visited today.

He looked at my project:
Finishing progress (top, canopy, strakes, nose). The bottom is smooth.   Commented the Zolatone looks nice and uniform.  We discussed weatherstripping.
I showed him the trim springs I'd made, where the actuator was mounting and how they were being attached to the elevator torque tube.   Also the autopilot pitch servo mount near the air vent.

We looked at the electric fuel pumps and particularly the fuel filter mount and discussed whether it needed a support.   We surmised that our local IA would want it supported.

Vance commented on the shape of the nose, which I said was "like a dolphin".   He recommended changing it to now to match the bottom, otherwise when it's finished will not look normal.  It won't take much work so will do that next.