Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Chapter 21 - Strakes - update

After test fitting the top skin, determined that .2" needs trimmed.  The Fein tool worked well.   Still to cold to do glass work  so BAB, TTE, OD and TLE aren't glassed in yet.
Warmed up enough to glass in BAB, TTE & OD.   I used a 1x2 and aligned the ribs using a laser pointed over the canard's BL33 & 57 marks hitting marks measured from the center of the firewall.

TLE in position for glassing.   The Craftsman shop light stands are handy.

720" of 2" wide BID fiberglass, about 60 feet of 3" wide peel ply, 30+ feet of packing tape and a few batches of epoxy later.... A little trimming and the bottom skin goes on.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Chapter 18 Canopy

Microed the back edge of the turtle back,
Installed the Clark foam and plates for the rudder pulleys.

Inside engine mount reinforcement complete. 8 layers of BID, then the AL hard points then a layer of BID over those.   Took about 3 hours to cut the glass, cut and shape the aluminum and glass them in.   Not very comfortable.   One builder suggested doing the layups in a box, then transferring it.   I think I'd do that next time to avoid the discomfort of kneeling, squatting and setting back here.

  The front edges need trimmed and sanded.   These should be a little more rounded rather than square so here's a few extra ounces of weight.  OTOH, it might get used to help support a shelf for equipment that's going to get stuffed in here.