Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2019 01/15

Fuel selector valve, SDS fuel pumps, 40 micron fuel filter.   Click bonds will be used to secure the fuel pump.   The thigh support will be secured with hinge pins to allow access for maintenance.
Completed another leak test and repaired a small leak on the left tank where the fuel probe line came in under the longeron.

Matco brake lock valve had some metal shavings in it.   Need some AN-4 1/8" nipples and cable to complete its installation near the pilots left leg.

Monday, January 14, 2019

2019 01/14

Updated the blog reference links at the bottom of this page.  Added links to the Cozy Builder Map and Google Drive info.   I'm not sure how to find this info without bookmarking it.

Helped Vance with some minor tasks on his Cozy this morning.
Had Vance and another friend look over my progress.
Got updates on orders and will be getting seat foam and other parts tomorrow.

Will go spend a few more hours tonight completing a few of the many unfinished tasks.

2019 01/13

Partially installed the Matco Parking Brake valve.   (Ordered some AN-3 nipples) to complete the install.

Also need to order a cable for the brake lock.

Measured the outer cable shield distance from the throttle quadrant to the butterfly at 86-89".  Travel to fully open/close is 2" or 2.5" depending which hole is used in the butterfly.

Ordered AN-4 1/8" fittings for the fuel vent line termination into the firewall manifold.

Futzed with wiring for awhile.   Would be nice to use a 90 degree back shell for some of the Dynon DB 9 connectors to reduce the depth clearance.

Started prepping the copilot thigh support ribs to be glassed in since the fuel lines and selector are plumbed.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

2019 01/12

Another chilly day outside.  Not bad inside the hangar.

Tightened some of the firewall motor mount bolts. 
Helped Vance with a few things on his Cozy this afternoon.
This evening, ran some of the SDS wires to the front console:
2 DB 9 cables that go to the programmer
2 blue LOP wires (primary and back up)
Fault LED wire (from primary ECU pin 11)
Shielded 3 conductor mixture knob wires.

Remaining wires that need to run to the front from the hell hole:
Injector selector switch
ECU primary and back up power
Air Brake Actuator
Roll Servo network and power
ELT wires
Dynon  SV-220 (sensors interface unit) network wires
Fuel site gauge illumination LEDs.

Also need to connect and mount the Princeton fuel probe modules.
A Hall Effect amp sensor (on order) will be used instead of a shunt.

Friday, January 11, 2019

2019 01/11

I've worked on a variety of things this week while waiting for orders to arrive.

Mounted the oil temp sensor in the 90 degree oil filter adapter.
Terminated the SDS (Bosch) throttle position sensor.  I crimped the wires but ended up soldering them since I could pull the wires out of the crimp.
Installed the P5000 quick oil drain plug.
Finished making the cabin fuel lines and leak tested the fuel selector/lines and tanks.   Found air leaking from the left tank where the fuel probe line came through under the longeron.   Drew a vacuum on the tank, used a hypo to fill the leak with epoxy.

Started eyeballing how/where to mount:
18 row oil cooler (near the plans location -top cowl-should work)
3 MAP sensors (2 for SDS, one for Dynon)
SDS Intake air temp sensor
Oil and fuel pressure sensors.
Fuel pressure regulator.
Battery and Starter solenoids.
Throttle quadrant/cable.

Glanced at the Aveo Ultra strobe/nav lights manual and noticed they are TSO'ed.
Copied the XP-382 engine manual and Aveo light manual to Google docs and linked them to blog entries. 

Contacted Ross at SDS about several items.   I was missing some of the male Weatherpak pins needed for the injector harness and also had questions about which Hall Effect sensor should connect to the primary ECU and which one should go to the back up.   Ross offered to send some pins and advised that the calibration procedure would synch the sensor with the ECU.   I think when we ran the engine at Kamloops, the top sensor went to the primary ECU.   They kept the harness for the test stand and replaced my connectors which is why I can't tell.   I should have pins here on Wednesday from another vendor.

I'd ordered about 15 items on-line through AeroPerformance for "will call pick up" and had checked on delivery.   A bunch of the items had not been processed, but some were.   I don't quite understand why everything wasn't ordered but the local gal at the counter advised me next time to let her know and she'd get everything ordered.  I wanted to pick up at the store to avoid having packages delivered during the holidays when we were gone.

Del City has a bunch of overstock/discontinued items so I ordered a bunch of switches that are normally $4 for .60 each.   I was pondering getting a 60 amp breaker rather than using the ANL fuse.

My Nav/Com was shipped but there was a snafu on the delivery address.   UPS shows they received an address update but also show delivery tomorrow.

It's been cold and rainy, but the heater is keeping the shop above 60.  There's been respiratory crap going around and it finally caught up with me.