Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chapter 23 - Catto Prop, bolts and extention ordered!

2-Bladed Glass/Carbon Composite Propeller for Cozy MKIV
68" Diameter x 78" Pitch
XP-382 210HP@2700RPM
Top Speed at Target RPM- 210mph@2800RPM
4.375" Finished Propeller Thickness
7" Diameter Prop Flange
SAE-2 Pattern, 1/2" Bolts and 3/4" Lugs
Color: White with Red Crescent Tips

Nickel Leading Edge per edge per blade installed.

Prop Extension 8in long, 7in diam, SAE-2L. Crush Plate 7 in
diam x 1/2" thick, 1/2" holes, SAE-2. F911 bolts, 1/2-20
extn-to-engine bolt, plated, lot traceable & proof-tested, high
tensile high ductility, LONG THREAD. AL 2 in. plus cadmium
plated thin washers 1/2 AN960-816 AL. F911 Bolts, 1/2-20
prop-to-extension bollt, plated, lot traceable & proof-tested,
high tensile, high ductility, LONG THREAD, drilled head.