Sunday, March 26, 2017

Chapter 21 - sumps & lines

 The sumps are on and ready to fair in after the cowl is on.

Right tank fuel line and return lines.   The return line opening is under the fuel screen to allow bubbles to escape from the sump.

(Tub is inverted.)   Carved the clearance pocket for the joystick and rerouted the rudder conduit slightly.
The Andair dual gang fuel valve will mount towards the front of the console.  90 degree banjo fittings (special order) will better accommodate the lines coming in from the left and right sides under the thigh supports.

The vent lines terminate into a 7 port manifold after the SS firewall is in place.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Chapter 25 - Flexisander videos

The filling boards:

Chapter 25 - West Systems

I used the 407 filler inside the baggage area.   The 410 is limited to fairing only whereas the 407 can be used for bonding and laminating also.   Didn't seem like it was to hard to sand.

We've got a West Marine store 45 miles away.  Buying the larger containers saved quite a bit.
The folks at the counter said "That looks like a lot of work."

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Page 11 from the manual:
Seal all faired
surfaces with epoxy before

West Systems Final steps

West Systems video on how to do final fairing:

Epoxy basics - 8 videos (West Systems)

Mixing fillers/consistency - 4 grades of thickness:

Cold temperature bonding (curing rate doubles every 18 degrees)

Chapter 25 - Cheese grating

Wayne Hicks forum post on "Cheese Grating":

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chapter 21 fuel selector and lines

*Update - this is an older post.  I'm mounting a dual gang selector forward on the console.

Aircraft Fuel Systems (Chapter 14 FAA Airframe Manual)

In the plans it says to use 1 BID tapes to support the fuel lines to the selector.   It looks like most builders have put in the click bonds with Adel clamps.

Since I'm installing the dual gang selector mounted on the console, the routing of the two lines going to each of the tanks (fuel and injection bypass) it looks like routing along the side by the conduit up to the front thigh support area will help avoid making some pretzel shaped bends that would be required if routing over the heat duct.   The lines to/from the engine would route per plans over the heat duct back through the firewall.  The bottom gang will be used for the fuel going to the engine to help avoid low spots in the path. when flying straight and level or parked on the ramp.  The lowest points when setting level will be the drains on the sumps and the gascolator.

All that being said, I weighed an approximate amount of click bonds and am speculating that with the nuts and clamps needed for six lines, it will be hard to beat the weight savings of 1 BID tapes.   Near the selector where the lines would need to be disconnected would be good for some click bonds.

I found a table that said 3/8" should be supported every 16".

The Andair Gascolator has 70 micron screen with a lockable valve to help facilitate draining tanks without pulling fuel lines loose.