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Chapter 23 Engine Installation - prop, extension, Step 3 cowl

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Catto 68" diameter 78" pitch prop with nickel leading edges and erosion tape.  

Freeflight Composites cowl.   Did multiple test fits and the line that was marked looked like it was going to be pretty close so I trimmed outside of that line.   To match the plans, the cowl needs a lip along the front edge, so I trimmed off where the CF meets the lip at the turtle back and similarly, trimmed the bottom cowl.    Then used hot glue and pop sickle sticks to hold the trimmed section on as a form for the inside lip.  In hindsight, I think a 2 to 3 inch wide 5 BID layup on this line before trimming might have resulted in less work.

The blocks had to be moved in order to apply the BID that lays up in front of the cosmetic piece.  This particular area of the cowl lips were a little proud and met the wrath of the belt sander.
Pop sickle sticks and hot glue worked pretty well and was easier to remove than Bondo.
To install the Camlocs, drill 1/2" hole where the cleco holes are.   Then drill 1/8" holes for the rivets to hold the receptacle.   The bottom hole here has a Camloc receptacle riveted in.   I used a small drill bit to bevel the holes for the rivets so the heads are flush.  I made a simple jig to locate and drill the holes for the receptacles.
3 BID curing while the trailing edge is shimmed up to help correct a tendency to sag.
A layer of duct tape is on the bottom of the turtle back/spar lip.  Flox was applied and peel ply over that.  Nut plates were installed on the cowl and screws are holding the cowl in place for the flox to harden.   While the flox is still green, it's sliced with a box cutter along the seam.  Then after the flox cures a little more, the screws are removed and light pops with my hand broke the flox loose along the cut seam.

The plans construction method for the cowl lip is to attach foam blocks to the inlet and carve the foam to this shape.   I opted to use a 1x2 piece of PVC foam and a belt sander.   
The cowl wasn't made to accomodate the scoop for the NACA inlet.  The lip has to come down and inch.   I cut the cowl back 7" to help make a ramp for the scoop that won't be to draggy.  
Prepping the foam lip to be glassed in.

Small fairing blocks on the bottom cowl ramp.
Two identically shaped blocks will help keep the cowl in position while the 5 BID inside layup cures.

Chapter 22 Electrical System - List

Electrical System List

PFD (Skyview HDX)
MFD (Skyview HDX)
Skyview Knob panel (Baro, Heading, Track)
Skyview AP panel
Skyview Com panel (controls Dynon Com radio)
ELT Panel (ACK)
Com/Intercom Panel (PS Engineering PDA360EX includes USB charging port)
Com Radios (Skyview Com & Avidyne Nav/Com & antennas)
Transponder (and antenna)
ADSB RX (and antenna)
ADSB Antennas (GPS & stick)
ADAHRS (2020 ADSB compliant)
Skyview Network Hub
Magnetometer (old style compass eliminated)
AP Pitch Servo
AP Roll Servo
Pitch Trim Servo
Roll Trim Servo
VPX  (Electronic circuit breakers controlled through PFD)
SDS EFI/EII (Dual Hall effect sensors, coils, 3.5" panel, A/B ECU switch, LOP switch, throttle position, engine temp, MAP, AFR probe, fuel flow output to EFIS)
Master Relay (A&B)
Starter Relay
Ammeter shunts
Switches (on Instrument Panel)
Circuit Breakers (non-VPX protected circuits)
Starter button
Fuel Pump 1
Fuel Pump 2
Landing Brake actuator
Landing Gear
Com Jack - Pilot
Com PTT - Pilot
Com Jack - Copilot
Com PTT - Copilot
Com Jack- Pass Left
Com Jack - Pass Right
Heated seat pilot
Heated seat copilot
Heater/defrost blower
Joystick left (hat switch for trim, PTT, AP Disconnect)
Joystick right (hat switch for trim, PTT, AP Disconnect)
Lights - Interior
Lights - Position/Nav/Strobe lights
Lights - taxi
Lights - fuel gauges
EFIS module
CHT probes *including one for EI/EFI system
EGT probes
Fuel Pressure (Fuel Flow is from SDS system)
MAP probe
Oil Temp probe
Oil Pressure probe
OAT probe
AFR probe (for SDS EI/EFI)
Pitot probe
Battery main
Battery aux (Skyview)
Fuel level sensors ( probes)
USB jacks
Cig lighter front/back
Autoextend module
Canopy warn
Gear warn
ELT (GPS connection, antenna, panel control)
Alternator Belt Drive 60 Amp 14.2 VDC Internal regulator and over voltage protection
Alternator Pad Drive 30 Amp 13.7 VDC Internal regulator and over voltage protection
*Update 3/1/2019 - Avidyne IFD540.

Non-electrical controls:
Parking brake.
Cabin Heat.

Chapter 22 Electrical System

This chapter of my build is not "per plans".   An electronic breaker system and a modernized (glass) panel is being installed. 

System redundancy will include appropriate panel mounted circuit breakers for redundant fuel pump and ECU power.  One of the displays has its own battery.

Dynon Skyview HDX1000.  ADSB compliant with auto pilot.
Skyview Documentation
Skyview Planning
Vertical Power VP-X.
Plane Power 65 Amp belt driven alternator 14.2 VDC.
Plane Power 30 Amp Pad mount alternator 13.7 VDC.
ACK dual band ELT.
PS Engineering Audio Panel PDA 300 EX

Approximately 40 .lbs of Avionics 

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Son of a blogger.....

Last year a bunch of photos in this blog turned into little empty boxes.   This was caused by dragging and dropping photos from other Internet sites (like Facebook).  These photos were actually links and  they can be expired by the original site.    I've uploaded a bunch of the photos that disappeared, but some are out of order and are not very well organized or captioned.   

Another issue encountered is that by creating a post with a large amount of photos, Blogger's pagination truncated older posts and they couldn't be seen unless "Older Posts" was clicked on.  Jump breaks were inserted to help remedy the ones I've found.   Also by default, Blogger's default number of posts to display is 7.

Recently, I found some other layout/format options that seem a little nicer, but would like to organize posts so they're better organized.   Clicking on the Chapter links above filters on the labels assigned to posts so hopefully that will help find specific posts.  Oddly, even though some posts are "labeled" for two different chapters (an example is Chapter 16),  not much comes up.  But if you click on Chapter 15, there's a post that has a label for chapter 16.

Update - Chapter 23 posts about the cowl seem to be exceeding limits.  I try adding photos in at the bottom but they show up at the top.   I put a page break in and noticed that when viewing, where the page break was inserted there is a small "Read more" link to see the rest of the post.  Maybe posting links to the photos would be better, but that didn't work well when the links to Facebook expired.