Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chapter 20 Hidden Bell horns

Getting ready for the inside and outside layups but need to install the hidden bell horns now while its easier.  

The original instructions are for installation in a LongEZ,   Also the instructions for installation while you're building assume you haven't installed the rudder cable conduit yet, so the conduit (per original plans) needs to be positioned where it can line up with the cable attach point on the bell horn.    The plans say you need (maximum) 26 degree deflection or 4.5 in. travel at the lower trailing edge.  Also the cable swage needs .7 in. clearance between the conduit at maximum deflection.

After trying another position that seems to take advantage of the shape of the arm for clearing the corners, this may be better and attain the min/max deflection:

This position aligns better with the original plans location of the conduit.

In trail position:

Bell horn placement if using a 7.5" hinge point:

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