Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Son of a blogger.....

Last year a bunch of photos in this blog turned into little empty boxes.   This was caused by dragging and dropping photos from other Internet sites (like Facebook).  These photos were actually links and  they can be expired by the original site.    I've uploaded a bunch of the photos that disappeared, but some are out of order and are not very well organized or captioned.   

Another issue encountered is that by creating a post with a large amount of photos, Blogger's pagination truncated older posts and they couldn't be seen unless "Older Posts" was clicked on.  Jump breaks were inserted to help remedy the ones I've found.   Also by default, Blogger's default number of posts to display is 7.

Recently, I found some other layout/format options that seem a little nicer, but would like to organize posts so they're better organized.   Clicking on the Chapter links above filters on the labels assigned to posts so hopefully that will help find specific posts.  Oddly, even though some posts are "labeled" for two different chapters (an example is Chapter 16),  not much comes up.  But if you click on Chapter 15, there's a post that has a label for chapter 16.