Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Chapter 22 Electrical System

This chapter of my build is not "per plans".   An electronic breaker system and a modernized (glass) panel is being installed. 

System redundancy will include appropriate panel mounted circuit breakers for redundant fuel pump and ECU power.  One of the displays has its own battery.

Dynon Skyview HDX1000.  ADSB compliant with auto pilot.
Skyview Documentation
Skyview Planning
Vertical Power VP-X.
Plane Power 65 Amp belt driven alternator 14.2 VDC.
Plane Power 30 Amp Pad mount alternator 13.7 VDC.
ACK dual band ELT.
PS Engineering Audio Panel PDA 300 EX

Approximately 40 .lbs of Avionics