Thursday, April 5, 2018

Chapter 22 - Electrical System - Instrument Panel and controls

I've made a list of all electrical components in a separate post.

Master / Main Alternator/Aux Alternator / Start switches (need to order)
Light switches (need to order)
Skyview glass panel PFD/MFD - Dynon  (on hand)
Skyview Knob panel (Baro, Alt, Heading knobs)
Skyview Com panel (controls Skyview radio)
Audio panel  ( PS Engineering PDA360EX includes 10 watt USB charging port)
Auto Pilot panel (Dynon - has the ability to adjust trim if needed).
ELT - ACK panel
SDS 3.5" panel.  2 switches (ECU A/B, LOP) 1 electronic mixture control (round potentiometer).
Vertical Power - integrated with Dynon.
Nose gear controls - position indicator LEDs.
Landing Brake actuator switch.
Fuel Selector in center console - Andair dual gang. (in progress)
Throttle Lever (need to make or order).  Mixture lever isn't needed with the SDS system.

Eyeball vents
Canopy warning

Top hat switch for trim.
Auto Pilot disconnect.
Push to talk.