Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Flight Testing

Links to FAA Flight Testing Advisories:

EAA Webinar on the Flight Test Manual:

Here's a link to Kevin Walsh's "Experimental Aircraft Flight Test Protocol":

I'll need to do some editing for mine, but it is really thoughtful of others to share with the group.
I've been reading this and will plan on using the data recording of the Skyview system to help reduce work load.   Also think I may ensure the Auto Pilot is working earlier in the protocol to help reduce work load and improve the accuracy of the flight tests.

Adding some notes here that will be incorporated:

Fuel Injection /Electronic Injection - Dual ECU Switch
When running dual ECU boards, this toggle switch activates relays which switch operation of the injectors from one ECU board to the other. In normal operation, one board is always firing the top spark plugs, the other fires the bottom plugs. The ECU select switch only switches the injector connection over to the other board. If one ECU board fails, you’ll lose one set of plugs but the engine should continue to run.
The recommended ECU checking procedure is to start the check on the backup ECU. At idle, Switch the ECU selector switch from Backup to Primary. If the engine continues to run, both ECUs are working. Now you can switch coil power off on the #1 coil pack. Switch that one back on and then switch off #2 coil pack power. If the engine continues to run, both coil packs are working.
Be sure to check that both coil power switches are back on prior to takeoff.

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