Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Chapter 15 Firewall & 22 Electrical - EI/EFI, Dynon EMS, ACK ELT, Princeton Fuel module mounting

The Dynon EMS module and SDS EI/EFI modules need to be mounted on the cold  side of the firewall.   Mounting them on a removable shelf that is cut to still allow quick access and inspection of the engine mounting bolts and hard points should provide for easy maintenance and changes to be made in the future if needed.   

The ELT needs clearance for the antenna, and two small cables (DIN for GPS and remote panel).

The Dynon EMS module has an LED by the network connector (right side) that should probably be easily visible.
The CHT/EGT inputs are through the brown wires.  The additional inputs (oil temp, pressure, etc.) are through the multicolored wires (silver connector).   
The dual SDS controller has two relays that also need to be mounted.   There are 6 connectors on this module.

The rectangular hole for the bulkhead connectors and round hole for cabin heat are visible here.

A couple of removable plugs for leg bow inspection were made by using a 4.5" hole saw and cutting from scraps of left over strake material.  The foam will be microed.

BID covered strake foam shelf was bonded to the round covers with West 704 filler.

The Princeton modules will mount on the triangular space.

The orientation of the modules is limited by the available space.

Two Amphenol 37 pin connectors are mounted to a plate that covers a rectangular hole that is large enough for the D-connectors to pass through.   A nut plate is on the cold side of the firewall.   

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